Policy conflict

I have a windows update script in place to ‘Every Tuesday force reboot if device Offline’
I also have a shutdown policy in place to shut down pc’s running daily. I need to be able to exclude Tuesdays but don’t have any option. Is there a way I can exclude Tuesdays from the daily shutdown script?

Yes, it’s a real pity that there is no “exclude” button. As a workaround, you could set the script 6x in your policy with the option “weekly” and specify a day each time except for tuesdays.

Since it’s being done by a script the script could determine what day it is and just exit quietly if it’s Tuesday:

if ((get-date).DayOfWeek -eq "Tuesday") {
    exit 0
rest of the existing reboot script goes here
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Expanding off isaacg, if you want to be even more flexible, create a custom field on the asset or site level, or both, and then use that in your script as an exclude day. So custom field could be ExcludeDay and then you can type in whatever day you want on different assets, and then do -eq $ExcludeDay instead of manually putting in the day.