Policies on sub-folders not taking effect

Anyone else seeing issues with policies applied to sub-folders not taking effect? If I apply a policy to the main folder for a customer, that policy gets applied to all devices in all sub-folders. If I apply a policy to a sub-folder (without a policy assigned to the main folder) the devices in that sub-folder display the error " This asset does not have an assigned policy. Please use the [policy assignment] page to assign a policy." If I apply a basic policy to the main folder, then a more detailed policy to a sub-folder, only the basic top-level policy gets applied.

It appears that policies applied to sub-folders are not working.

I have a support ticket open for this and apparently Syncro are aware of the issue (even though there’s no mention of it on the status page), and so far the suggested workarounds haven’t worked, this includes removing and reapplying the policy, creating new sub-folders and moving all the devices to the new folder, creating and applying new policies.

Weird, I would recommend reaching out to support on this one as well and work with them. I have a number of sub folders and root folders I use every day with no issues. I did notice if you switch an assets fast enough between folders though sometimes that can cause it to not “update” depending on the number of task you have soon enough before you switch it back and that can cause a different behavior that wasnt expected.

As I mentioned above, we already have a ticket open with support and they are aware of the problem. Devices already assigned a policy in sub-folders weren’t affected, it only affected new devices added to a sub-folder, or if you moved devices between sub-folders. It looks like they may have fixed it now though as I removed the policies again yesterday afternoon, left it 20 minutes, then re-applied them and they seem to have applied ok.