Please uninstall webroot from all assets!

I can uninstall manually, and it reinstalls, I just had a PC install it that does not have it in the policy. I’ve been trying to get rid of this for months. Lots of weird stuff happening. This is costing me money in labor to get rid of this junk.

Hey Ken, that sounds interesting, which asset did it reinstall on?


I have 58 that it did not uninstall from after changing the policy. The challenge of getting my hands on these to boot into safe mode to uninstall is huge. They are not in webroot console. I need you guys to help me with this.

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I tried the script again and it removed a lot of them. I’ll see what the final tally is once they all come back online and run.

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The script should be the way to go, Webroot is one of those that won’t uninstall when the policy is switched.

Webroot itself can also be a bit fussy about being uninstalled, if there are any which the script was not successful on this may be helpful (skip console steps if they aren’t in the console): Uninstalling the Webroot Business agent