Please restore ability to OVERRIDE hard drive monitoring

PIA Annoyance - Every time a client inserts a DVD or USB drive, we get a low drive space alert. We were previously able to OVERRIDE specific drives on assets. Of course, none of these overrides were carried over and we are chasing 5 or 6 false alerts every day. I raised a ticket with support, and the only way to do it now is to gut the existing policy, replace it with one that only has C-drive monitoring, and manually add in the other critical data drives that need to be monitored. It took a few hours to figure out, and it is now a time consuming drudgery to recreate and modify policies for each asset that has a signaled a false alert.

I’ve done this from the start on Servers. I was getting false positives, so I created server policies with monitoring specific HDDs based on the drive letters. This resulted in 8 server policies with the different drive combinations. After PI, I made 1 server policy to apply at the folder level, then recreated the HDD monitor into 8 policies and that’s all that’s in them. I apply these to the individual machines. It’s a lot of work in the beginning, but not bad once you get to the maintenance level. I’d love for Syncro to be smart about what is an internal drive, what is removable and if something is not classified right, we can override the type. I agree with you, there are improvements that need to happen here to make it less complex.