Please remove the additional information in email alerts

Hi Team,

Can we please have an option to turn on/off additional Syncro custom field information being included in alert emails? I really want this turned off ASAP.

Emails are not encrypted and I store sensitive data in Syncro, such as usernames, registry information, applications and versioning, driver details, Autopilot hashes, etc, and I really don’t want all of this “internal” information traversing the public internet revealing all that internal information.


We turned off alert emails altogether. Then we started storing that sensitive data elsewhere as this wasn’t being addressed.

I’m pleased to hear I’m not the only one to have previously raised this with them. Currently I need to receive these alerts by email as we don’t have a dedicated person tracking the alerts on the Syncro web site, the alerts on the site are being managed/maintained, but email allows us to respond to any urgent matters more promptly at this point.

Despite how poorly the mobile app works, the one thing it is good at is push alerts. We disabled all email alerts and just use the mobile for alert notifications outside of the web app.