Pinned Ticket Notes / Notes Order

Two ideas here:
1.) Would like the ability to rearrange the order of notes within a ticket. Not just flipping top to bottom, but actually being able to adjust the specific order

2.) the ability to Pin or Highlight specific notes in a ticket. For quicker visibility of crucial info when scrolling through the densely-noted tickets


Pinning a specific note would greatly help to reference key info, especially for longer tickets. Would be nice if it would also show who pinned the note/update and when.

At the very least, the initial request needs to be pinned or in another pod. I hate scrolling, more, scrolling, more, scrolling more, just to read the initial request that has important information.

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The initial request should be at the top in my opinion. I agree, scrolling to find this takes up a lot of time.


There is excessive scrolling in SyncroMSP in my opinion.
Lots of screen elements cannot be minimised and suffer from far too much html element blank space padding and margins.
Not only does scrolling take time, but important data is missed because it is off screen and not highlighted.
Would be awesome to have things like Notes be some sort of icon/symbol at the top of the ticket that can be hovered over (or clicked) to display the note in a bubble.


Being able to pin various ticket comments to the top of the feed in tickets would be a huge help!! On larger/longer tickets, it is really frustrating to need to scroll to the very bottom of the comment entries to get the original information and to have to scroll through all the notes and comments to find particularly important information

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Indeed. Initial request should stay at top of tickets as a PUBLIC entry.

There should also be a default PRIVATE ticket notes section at the top of every ticket, just below the initial request, which remains ALWAYS editable, so that a manager can enter directions, guidance, scope of work etc for a technician (and other important notes for completing the work)

I have seen this request in various forms, and there are some inputs when MANUALLY creating a ticket but they don’t transfer over.

Also manually created tickets make up for less than 1-2% of all our tickets and I suspect most MSP’s work similarly where all tickets submitted by users are via email or a Cloud Radial form.

The ticket UI needs this update desperately!

Ideally, you need to split off your dev teams for repair shops and MPS’s and create 2 software apps and an easy migration path for all your repair shops to migrate to one software and MSPs to the other. These are two very different business models and you can’t serve them both well with one app.

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