Pin ticket notes

It would be really helpful to be able to pin some ticket notes to keep them at the to top of the ticket notes.
We often enter notes that we need to refer to often during a project and these notes get buried in the ticket if there are a lot of communications, or ticket updates. It would be very useful to keep these at the top so we don’t have to keep searching for them or forget about them.


We use Worksheets for this FYI… we create a important notes and copy /paste that info in. That way it stays at the top of the ticket.

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We do as well, but it doesn’t quite fit what we need. For example if a customer gives us a password to use we want it hidden in a private note so it can’t be viewed on the ticket in the customer portal, or on the ticket print out.

It is not ideal I agree. The worksheets can be made private so they ar not viewable on the portal.

You’re right! I forgot about making the worksheets private. Thanks for the reminder!

Came here to suggest the same thing, worksheets could work but we find the private notes a lot clearer and would love to be able to pin them to the top of the list, especially when you’ve had back and forth email correspondence and the ticket has grown huge!