Pin communications/notes


I think having the ability to pin a note under communications to the top would be awesome!

For instance, sometimes you have the job description in the first note and once it fills up with others you have to scroll down to look again.

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That’s an interesting idea. I like it. You could have the main idea comment (like the list of 5 things that need to get done and why) pinned to the top so that it doesn’t get lost with all of the activity.

In another PSA, the initial request was in a separate box, so it was always easily visible no matter how long the communication got. Pinning would be a good alternative to that.

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Just to add to my thoughts, I’ve had tickets lately that will get closed by others since they think they are done, but the “delegation” comment that I made was so buried by emails and ticket automations, that it was lost in the shuffle.