Permissions on Worksheets to Support Continuous Improvement

TLD;R - Worksheets need their own permission in Security Groups

Worksheets offer a great opportunity for continuous improvement across a technical organization.

However, in order to unlock this potential of having business and repair procedures in Worksheets, they need to improve as the company works. Field technicians need the ability to adapt steps, create new steps, re-ordered steps so the worksheets develop and improve with the organization’s experience.

At present one needs to be a global admin in order to create or edit them. Which provides complete and unfettered access to all the financial details and every other aspect of the company. This means that very few organizations are going to allow access to these functions to any staff below an executive or management level.

It would be beneficial. I think too many. If worksheets were defined permissions in security groups.


I’m going to bump this again. Worksheets have very little value if you need Global Admin to be able to edit them. Completely defeats the purpose of delegating responsibility to a team if only the super admins are able to get in and change steps around.

  • Please add a permission line for these in security groups
  • Please add a link from the sheets to the sheet in the admin.

I believe you can now set a permission on worksheets so others can manage it. They can’t manage it through admin menu, but they can manage it through the tickets menu.

There was no announcement but the permission has shown up in the security group; so that’s better. However, there is still no natural way for people to navigate from worksheets to the worksheet library of templates. I would suggest an option in the … or just a link to “worksheet templates” if the manage work sheet permission is provided for that tech. That would really close the loop on these things.