Permission to Connect Button on Asset Page Instead of in Policy

Remove the permission to connect from policies and just have a button on the asset page. That way we can turn off or on the pop up permission to connect button to the customer as required. We have some customers that want to see the permission prompt and others that don’t and some that have it only as a per device. Now that policies are customer based it’s a pain to have to assign them as such. Would be easier if at all possible to just make it a button/option on the asset page.

You could create a remote only policy that enables the Require Client Permission For Remote Access box. Then on the clients you need this to apply to, you create another nested folder and apply it to that folder and move the assets to it that needs it.

I don’t agree with the request. Keep it in the policy and place machines in their grouping according to the MSA that defines which machines require prompted access.