Performance Tracking over Time

How is everyone tracking CPU, RAM, and DISK utilization over time, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, etc… Some sort of log or chat showing how much CPU and RAM are utilized and a trend line or something.

There has to be a way but I am just missing something.


You’re not missing it, it is just missing from the platform. Backgrounding Tools will show you real-time info, but it is not integrated into the system the agent uses, so none of that info is kept for historical records. There’s actually quite a bit of info I wish was available from BT. When the agent is offline, you lose quite a bit of stuff about the system.

I have been wanting to see historical data like this ever since I became a Syncro customer 2 years ago. Most other platforms have this built in, but it just isn’t a thing currently with Syncro.

I am hoping with fingers crossed that we will see some sort of expanded monitoring / performance tracking from the purchase and integration of Watchman, since that is exactly what they do. They just need some time to re-tool and integrate into the agent.

But yes, looking at an asset screen should be able to show me what the current cpu, mem, disk, network, etc is as well as be able to show me past information, so we can troubleshoot when a client calls and says, hey, my pc is really slow, or was slow at 8 am this morning. Basic troubleshooting is looking at the performance monitoring, and historical data is crucial in doing this.

Can we get an upvote for this please? @DavidT go ahead and post this in the feature request section here and we will all upvote it. :slight_smile:

Yep, what Jimmie and Mike said. Would love to see this in Syncro, but probably a big engineering effort. Everything about the way Syncro works seems to be designed to use as little Cloud resources as possible.

Ok so I think I put this in the right spot: Performance Tracking/Monitoring - Trend, timeline, chart, etc

I guess head on over and voice your concern and vote on it?