Performance Tracking/Monitoring - Trend, timeline, chart, etc

The ability to track CPU, RAM, and DISK utilization over time, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc… ideally down to the minute. Some sort of chat showing how much CPU and RAM are utilized and a trend line or something.

I would find this extremely useful today and in the past. I am trying to sort out when a server is getting slow why it is happening. It is one of those “it never happens when you are remoting in” type of problems.

Even if this feature is not enabled by default but at a policy level. I would really only want it on servers and maybe a few select workstations that users are saying are “slow”.

Please and thank you!

Edit: Call it “Enhanced System Monitoring” or something like that


I love this one. I vote for this. :slight_smile:


Yes, essentially what we talked about in another thread.

Performance monitoring charts, seeing a live view as well as historical data on the asset page is critical for troubleshooting purposes.

I hate to say this, but Atera has this, as does mostly all the other RMM’s.

Hopefully we’ll get some of that good code from Watchman integrated soon so we can get better monitoring of performance from the agent.

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This really wouldn’t have to use a lot of cloud resources. They could store the data on the actual workstation and sync it to the cloud once in awhile.

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I’d love this feature in Syncro - so helpful in diagnosing performance issues - is it disk, ram, when are performance spikes happening so I can cross-reference time against logs??

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Yes, that would be awesome and the exact use case I would use it for too.

yep, performance metrics over time available even when the device is offline would be great. One of the biggest things we miss from our $oldRMM.

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I wonder if there is third party software out there that does that and could report in via script??

I’m discovering issues with some computers with a throttled CPU (like 400MHz), but I can’t find any way to find that via script. It would be great if we get alerts on high disk usage over time as well.

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There are quite a few Syncro users also using Zabbix for monitoring, PRTG is the big commercial solution to the monitoring problem. My understanding is that Zabbix can do so much stuff I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a fairly strait forward way to set up a script to push metrics into syncro asset custom fields or raise alerts at certain thresholds etc.

Zabbix is open source so Free but requires some fairly deep knowledge and tweaking to get things working so will cost you in time.

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I don’t really want “another tool” to then have to admin and deal with. I would LOVE for it to be built right into Syncro :slight_smile: Again Syncro could make it “opt-in” via policy so I only deploy it on the necessary assets. Business clients but not residential clients unless needed :slight_smile:

Yeah having something like Zabbix built in would be awesome. I played with Zabbix one afternoon, long enough to know it would take more work to get up and running than I have to give right now.

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I would dearly love this facility - makes selling upgrades to RAM and disks, or PC replacements, so much easier when you can show graphs of performance bottle necks.

I’ve tried all the “free”/“community” solutions like Zabbix, CkeckMX, Pandora FMS, Observium, etc etc but they are pretty hard to maintain and prone to break during upgrades – far too much work for me to every try again.

Pretty neat performance stats were in my previous two RMM tools - wish they were in Syncro.

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@Andy we are gaining some traction on this :slight_smile: any idea if this is something that could happen? I think there are a lot of sales, tech, and tracking reasons to do this.

PLUS, who doesn’t like some pretty charts!

Lockdown Graphs GIF by Team Coco

This is not currently on the radar.

That’s disappointing, but thanks for confirming.

Any chance you can tell us what is on the radar? :slight_smile:

Updates to Windows Patching Management is one of the larger projects being worked on currently.

I wonder how complicated this is to actually implement. I know BT is a separate system, so any info there is lost to the agent and the rest of the platform. This is a big killer because some data will only exist while the system is online and BT is working properly. There’s not even a cached page of BT that could be useful. That being said, the agent is aware of system resources, you can set up to 6 hours of tracking, yet that info isn’t visibly available to us. It doesn’t sound that complicated to be able to pull that into a report. Same with info such as offline and online times, login/logout times, idle time. The agent could even be updated to display the reason why a system is offline (restarted, sleeping, shut down). I don’t really understand the logic of not having some of this, these small QOL changes that greatly improves the platform and brings in standards that are not currently available. Some of these I knew I would not have when we switched, but without them I find that they impact efficiencies.

That is unfortunate to hear, I know this is something that many people have been asking about for several years.

The basic functionality has been built so many times by so many different companies or oss projects it’s basically just a matter of reimplementing a “known solution” the bigger problem is data storage each individual device should not take that much storage but scaled across the number of endpoints Syncro manages it could be many TBs of data.

The sad thing is it’s data every MSP will need it wish they had sooner or later, the question is if you would choose to pay for it if it were an upsell today.

Another vote from me, I am rather surprised we still do not have such a core feature that makes our line of work so much easier at times!