Per Customer Asset Tracking Report

We would like to produce a report that shows the number of assets a customer has month by month.

For example if we have customer X, we would like to see a report that confirms in January how many assets they add, and how many were added or removed in the month.

I am sure we all see our customers add or remove machines from support and ensuring that we are billing correctly, and can prove that we have billed correctly is a useful thing. In the event that a customer queriries how many assets were on support in month XX it would be great to be able to produce a report showing this information.

Also, would be really nice to see how your customers assets grow over time, so that a report can show a breakdown of all the assets each customer had in Jan last year and then look at say Jan this year to see which of your customers are growing the most.

We don’t have a time series type report, that’s an interesting idea. You can send this to customers each month using the Executive Summary Report Builder, assuming they would be questioning what you are dynamically billing them for asset wise.

I am curious, for tracking customer growth would it be better to measure their revenue month over month vs asset count?

Thanks for getting back to me

  1. Yes, the workaround to the issue is the Executive Summary Report Builder. We are going to have a play with this and send this information to track the assets over time. Although a report that could do this would save a lot of time

  2. I’d prefer to track assets. Our accountancy package tracks revenue. Cost per asset can change, so knowing how a customer has grown over time in terms of no of laptops on support would be useful compared to some of the financial information that comes from our accountancy package.

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