Syncro System Status:

PDF's not generating

I’m trying to get a PDF of an invoice using the PDF generator button on the invoice itself. All I’m getting is a blank invoice (in the preview) and when I try and complete the PDF generation. Is that something on my end or could it be from Syncro?

Not exactly the same as an issue I had with PDFs a while back, but it ended up being a browser issue. Try it in another browser or even Incognito as a test. If that works then you’ve narrowed it down at least.

I’m really starting to get annoyed. I have tried the “support chat” and it keeps telling me there are no agents available. I’ve only had Syncro for a few months now, but this level of support isn’t even close to what we came from. I literally cannot even pull an invoice. Even when using the mail feature, it emails a blank PDF.

I have tried multiple computers with multiple browsers. No go.

Have you edited the invoice pdf template at all? As something in the template could be causing it not to generate properly.

Admin - > PDF/Email Templates - > Invoice Template

I think you can reset the template but never done it so be careful if you do.

Hi David! I just sent you a ticket that you can follow up on, let’s work on this together. Occasionally you may find we’re off chat/phones for team meetings, and you can always reach us at at any time.

@Alexandra this was resolved yesterday. The important part here is that it was resolved. The worrisome part is that I haven’t edited a template in months and all of a sudden the invoice template was not working. I reset and it started to function normally again.