PBX Integration Modifications

Can we customize this integration a little more:
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Specifically, it would be nice to not have it try and tie to an open ticket, and maybe show the contact name in with the “customer is calling” pop up.

EDIT: Actually, if we could also have it tie to a ticket associated with the contact specifically vs just a ticket associated with the customer.
I like to think these are hopefully semi simple quality of life items but they would go a long way my friends. :grin:


  • Sam

Absolutely agree. It should tie in a with an existing ticket. If anything it should open a new ticket.


Yeh it’ s unusable as it it.

We turned it on it but disabled it in the first week. We found it too noisy. As I remember, it writes a comment to every open ticket for the relevant customer. That affected my service desk manager’s ticket automations /reporting. Can anyone confirm that? The wee pop up in the button corner with the caller info was nice though.

It works be great if there were settings in Syncto customise it. :frowning:

For now, per user on each PC we just have the VoIP app open a new browser tab with Syncro’s search page with the incoming number. That works for us.

(However it’s a bit annoying as it steals the focus, but i find it useful, and i can quickly Alt+Tab back to where I was if needed.)


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Oh, that’s a grand idea! I’ll have to try that.

It does write a comment on a open ticket, I’ll be interested to see if it turns out to be every open ticket. Will be able to confirm more after this week.

  • Sam

Yeah, this could use a little loving. I use OIT VoIP which has an integration, but it keeps disabling itself. Not sure what’s going on there. Also agree on creating a new ticket.

We did something similar with Teams calls coming in. It calls a URL and opens a Syncro global search page. This method does not log into Syncro.