Pax 8 Integration for Mixed Subscriptions

Curious how the pax 8 / syncro integration identifies monthly vs annual subscriptions when syncing. For example, if we have an annual term license in Pax 8 that is paid monthly, is that subscription able to be synced to a monthly recurring invoice? Or does the integration look at the license term, thus only allowing it to sync to an annual recurring invoice?

Also, Pax 8 has informed us that a single tenant can have a mix of monthly & annual licenses for the same license type (so same SKU for both). In that case, how does the integration work?

Annual sub in Pax8 will only sync to an annual recurring template in Syncro. Same with monthly. You can’t mix annual and monthly on a single recurring template, however, you can create an annual template and a monthly template, and sync them that way.

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Hi, for the new NCE rules the integration is broken, because an anual subscription will have the anual invoice in syncro, but if we add another licence to that subscription, Syncro doesnt bill the prorata value (this is the new standard for NCE), this new licence is effectivley not billed in syncro, this is something that Pax8 recognized to me on a video call, and something that syncro should check with PAX8 in order to fix the integration, is anything already being actively done by syncro to fix this?