Patch management doesn't work AT ALL

I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue, but patch management doesn’t seem to work for me at all. I have machines on a policy to install Windows patches every x days and when I log into those same PC’s I see they haven’t been updated in weeks, sometimes even in months. I have had to do installs manually. I have several policies for different clients and they are all having issues so I know it’s not cause from this single policy.
This has been ongoing for a while and it’s getting frustrating since that’s one of the main benefits of having and using syncro in the first place. Honestly I’m considering switching platforms if this is going to be a recurring problem.

Hi @josue, can you please submit a ticket with support if you haven’t already? They will need to investigate this further.

Not here, everything seems to be patching properly. The vulnerability report kind of sucks though, I can’t filter by policy folder and it thinks all my assets are stale because I can’t check that box and get any results. But spot checking, my updates are going through. If you check them in Syncro, does it show any are missing/failed/rejected? When managing with an RMM, the Windows Update screen may not be accurate on timestamps since it won’t be using the built-in method to run the update check. Some updates, like option updates won’t show up in Syncro.

I figured the windows update timestamp wouldn’t be accurate, some systems show it hasn’t checked for update in 2+ years even though updates have been installed since then. But when I select a system and check under Windows patches these seem to be incorrect. For example I’m looking at a system that according to Syncro has 7 available updates and those were already installed early this morning. Other assets show no updates available and running the update checker in Windows shows available updates.