Paste as keyboard strokes, not onto clipboard

When accessing a clients computer using “backgrounding tools” the only option to move text to the client machine (ie: username/password) is to add it their clipboard. This is highly insecure as sometimes you need to push credentials for an admin user (to elevate for installing software), or to access a secure device like a router/nas/switch (because syncro doesn’t do tunneling).

Most RMM’s allow pushing text as keystrokes instead of putting it onto the users clipboard (which they may have syncing to the cloud, or they may be keeping history, or they may paste into word/notepad later and see the credentials). We have a policy to never put things onto users clipboards for those reasons. And the usernames/passwords we use are usually complex and long enough that manually typing is not a feasible option.


I was surprised to see that pushing text as keystrokes wasn’t supported in “Backgrounding Tools”
It is supported in Splashtop, which is very handy is you are at the Win loigin screen where the clip board doesn’t work.
But for those situations where Splashtop is broken, “Backgrounding tools” is the only option, and if at the Win login screen, password pasting isn’t supported.
Another reason to keep SimpleHelp in reserve to fill the Syncro feature gaps. :wink:

It’s able to be done in browser as datto does it in their web remote control, so I’m hoping that it’s not too hard of a feature for syncro to add on as it would make the web client way more usable

While I support any improvement to BT, including the remote, they aren’t developing for it anymore. It was actually going to be discontinued when ST was integrated, but due to demand, they kept it.

if true that’s sad. It allows for quite a large amount of support tasks to be done without needing a client (on the tech side). This is helpful for being able to run it from linux and chromebooks and arm devices where splashtop rmm is not supported.

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Linux is one of the reasons the remote was not removed. SyncroMSP Users Group | Facebook

If “Background Tools” didn’t exist in Syncro, I would never had signed up for Syncro.
And I do not access Syncro via Linux.

BT wasn’t going away, only the remote desktop part of it was when they rebranded it from Syncro Live.

The “Remote Desktop” component of our Backgrounding Tools is no longer receiving feature updates, just security updates. Our new method of remote access is Splashtop, which is free for all accounts for as many technicians as you have.

To be clear, all other components of our Backgrounding Tools are still active features. We just kept the Remote Desktop component around as a backup remote-access tool for folks instead of deprecating it entirely.