Parts order appeared 3 x on an invoice

This is not the first time this has happened and when I put in a support ticket previously, it was never resolved.

I created an invoice, added a number of line items, including a parts order, then emailed the invoice. My client wrote back that the part order (almost $3000) was on the invoice 3 times! Now the invoice was almost $10,000!

How the heck does this happen!! It is absolutely terrible for business!

Hi Glen, I have seen this happen if a tech double clicks the ‘add all’ button when adding pending charges to an invoice instead of a single click. Which invoice did you see this happen on?

Hi Alexandra,

I would be in agreement except this has happened two or three other times and the odd thing is, I am almost certain it has never happened for any other client. I will verify that today.

This is the invoice in question Inv. 2562 | Bowes IT Solutions (

From what I can see, the charges were all added within short succession of each other. Can you tell me a bit about how you added the charges to this invoice? Were you adding them individually or did you use add all? Were there any other changes you made?

I used add all as far as I can recall and then just emailed it. There were no other changes.

Based on the timestamps I think it’s likely that is what happened. I’ll get a ticket created for you so we can send this to development. I was able to reproduce it in my own system with a part order.

If you have any duplicates you removed in the pending ticket charges list, you can make a new invoice and call it ‘correction’ (or whatever makes sense for your records) then add the items you need to get rid of from the pending list and close the invoice out.

Are there any updates on the Alexandra?

The case was submitted with development, it’s still open and in the hands of their team.

This is still happening

Hi Glen! Your case is open with development. An update will be provided on your ticket once this is resolved.