Overriding / removing Scripts from Policy inheritance

I know with policy inheritance some things are additive only and others can override as they cascade down. Is it possible to have a script added at the root and then remove it on a sub-policy or are scripts additive only?

Bonus points, what happens if you specify a script at the top level with one schedule and at a lower level with a different schedule which schedule takes precedence?

Assign Policies to Assets - Policy Inheritance says you cannot, but doesn’t address different schedules or dupes specifically.

  • Duplicate policy items in lower levels override those in higher parent ones.
  • The exceptions are drive monitors, scripts, system tray items, third-party patches and Windows updates—they cannot be overridden but rather get added together. For example, if the current policy has script B, and its parent policy has script A, then the current policy (and any of its child policies) will run both scripts A and B.