Overall Asset History Report for Customer

A customer is quering our bills over the last year for the assets they have with us. While we can show them how many assets they have currently on support, I would like to produce a report showing when assets were added or removed from their account.

Ideally, I’d like to see a total per month, but even if its the raw data of when assets were added to the customer’s account I can then track back and prove how many we should have billed for and when.

This would need to be posted in #feature-request
Syncro doesn’t keep track of deleted assets currently (at least it’s not exposed anywhere) so there’s probably no way to make a report on it if they wanted to. There is a column for ‘created’ you can add to an asset audit report. You can create a saved search, apply it to that report and schedule it to be sent regularly to you or the client so going forward you’ll have a historical record at least.