Outbound Email Traffic


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This topic has been locked, but this problem is not resolved. We are still experiencing issues sending emails either via our SMTP or Syncro’s. This is a serious issue which needs resolving urgently.

Our second week using Syncro is not going well. Are there issues like this often?

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I’m can’t remember email issues like this over the last 3 years. They are in the midst of migrating to a new platform of some sort throughout this week that seems to be causing some headaches. I’m hoping that once they get fully migrated that things will stabilize on the reliability front.


Hi @max,

Are you still having issues with email?

Hi @canden.hicks

Emails have been flowing since this issue but we have a recoccuring issue. Occasinally we will se that a customer is not getting replies to our tickets. On further investugation, the ‘No Email - Of Any Kind’ field is ticked. When it is unticked and saved the field disappears.


How do we fix this permanently, please? Our customers think we are not replying!


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Hi @max, do you mind raising a ticket with support including this explanation. I’m going to have them recreate the issue to see what’s going on.

Hi @canden. I have created the ticket #00166091


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Not sure if this is related but we cannot get new tickets opened via email. Just submitted a support request.