Option to turn off SMS default, and add check box at ticket creation to SMS when desired

Recently started doing things more like a MSP, so I often want to make silent tickets to not alert the client. Maybe it’s a thing I don’t want to alert a CEO that we’re doing some work and they don’t need to worry, maybe it’s an automated script that is designed to add ticket time, create ticket, and mark complete. Don’t need things to be alerted really right?

So looking for recommendation if it exists already, otherwise perhaps it’s as “simple” as need to recode the sms templates to function like email? Because I did find the settings to ake email auto at ticket creation OFF, then just added the step to checking in to “uncheck don’t email” when checking in regular walk-ins and we DO want them to get the ticket start/welcome email.

Here’s a thread with bunch of deatils haha. I can’t be the only one that would love this ability… haha.

Thank you!