Option In Estimates and Invoices to add amounts excluding tax

Hey Dale,

Would you be able to share any updates on this?

Hey Liam,

No updates to share just yet.

Exciting news today, dont know if everyone else saw it but +GST seems to be rolling out

Seems like a nice straightforward process with a checklist to make sure its all in place, understood and how it should all work,
i will be testing more on the weekend but so far looking promising

I look forward to my biggest headache being behind me and my integrations with quoter and xero working well!
I will report back after testing for you all!

How it looks after the transition

Do you have a PDF version available?

I’m in AU, but the ATO requires that the tax amount (GST) is displayed separately on the invoice. Does it display like that?

Also, can we enter product cost in as Ex. GST now?

Hello @Jerami

After a few days of testing this its all working well, I am entering everything as +GST which syncs to Xero perfectly now for quotes, invoices and PO’s

You have to adjust your invoice and estimate templates for it to display as +GST. The migration process gives an option for this. but I had to do it manually myself.
You can see more information about adjusting the invoice template with the link below,
I used option A: Tax EXCLUSIVE Template with Item-Description in one wide column

You can also edit the template to include your account Tax number by adding {{account_vat_reg_no}}
I did that to mine in the top left corner with the other details about my company with “GST Number: {{account_vat_reg_no}}” specifically

My PDF generated invoice look like this

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Thanks Sychro,

Looks to be working as expected and will definitely save us time (and money) now the tax is sorted and consistent.

Cheers Justin