Option In Estimates and Invoices to add amounts excluding tax

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In Estimates and Invoices can we set it so we have the option to add line item amounts excluding tax (preferably a global option)

In New Zealand and I think a lot of countries we always quote excluding GST (tax) and then it is added at the end.



Isn’t this already an option?
When invoicing I can adjust the Tax Type/Rate by the line, Just create a Zero Tax Rate…
Or am I misunderstanding?

This is one of my biggest annoyances.
Yes you can change tax codes.
But when we fill out the price we have to calculate off screen the gst inclusive price to enter in.
All our other NZ based software we just put the exclusive price in and it works out the rest.
Strangely enough in things like purchase orders you can put the supplier buy price in excluding but not the retail! Super frustrating. I spend the day opening Windows calculator.



I feel your pain, all other software we use (including US and Canadian) works like this. You add in the excluding amount and then it figures out the tax amount.

In Syncro talk we need to be able to add the amount into the “Unit Extended” field.

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Please God fix this, I am over using the calculator

Pretty much the same in the UK too. All business to business sales is done ex vat so having a sales person to manually work out the amount to fill in the estimate is a bit of a deal breaker.

Oddly, when adding a product into the inventory you can type in the exclusive amount and it calculates the tax.

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Totally agree I know people that wont use syncro to do billing because of this

We only asked 5 years ago

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We’ve felt a little crazy and alone in this but we also asked about 3 years ago. Glad to see others have been pressing it for so long with little affect. We’re to the size and maturity that we’ve considered pulling PSA completely out of Syncro. Or, even worse, moving to shudders Datto.

@Andy is this something that’s going to be addressed? As this is pretty critical for most of us outside of America.

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It’s in the preliminary stages of investigation, but it is being looked into for sure. I don’t have any timelines or anything for it, though.


Hey Andy,

Is there a way we could demo how our taxing works to someone on the Syncro dev or feedback team? We’re state side and we’d really like to provide some concrete feedback on how we’re making taxing work on our current billing system and how that doesn’t translate to Syncro billing. I’m sure that would help our VAT and GST peers as well. Thanks!

I’m not on the team doing the investigation, but I sent them a note in case they need additional data points. I appreciate the offer!

Talked to Bobby today about this today and it’s on it’s way no eta but they are listening

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I’m also based in NZ and would love to see this implemented!

Also in NZ
Would love for this to be implemented,
Its doubly annoying that syncro imports products I have from xero that are excluding GST/Tax and syncro treats the price it pulls as inclusive of GST/TAX.

@Andy I know this has been resolved for UK users but is there any update on this being released for other regions desperate for this to be addressed? (New Zealand and Australian users I’m sure will love this to be rolled out)


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It’s being looked into. No official update, though.

Status updated to planned/in-progress for AU/NZ/Ireland


This! A million times this!

I’m still invoicing out of Xero because of the weirdness with which Syncro imports products and does tax. Here’s the basic rule…

Do EVERYTHING ex-tax, and then add it at the end.

(And yes, that still means being able to set individual line items to a different tax code)

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And just to clarify what I mean by weirdness…

Here’s an example invoice generated in Xero. All the numbers here are correct.

Now here an example recurring invoice generated in Syncro with exactly the same pricing for each line item. (Also ignoring the fact that the Quantity @ Price field doesn’t actually show the price)

Why are they $0.04 different? That sort of thing drives me insane.

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