Open Invoice Reminders

I know it’s a feature that isn’t that sexy and doesn’t get a lot of love…
But I’ve been working on “Open Invoice Reminders” for the last few days in my own organization,
and just have some thoughts…
Call it a collection of related feature requests…

It looks as though Automated Open Invoice Reminders DO NOT show up in the “Emails” communication log associated with the invoice… This seems like a bug more than a feature request. Is anyone else seeing this?

I’d like to be able to assign a class to either Invoices, (perhaps associated or defined originally by clients) that allows to select, set and follow a specific defined schedule. And have that class trigger specific Open Invoice Reminders.
For example.
Every 15 (For Clients that need to be reminded every 15 days,)
Every 30 (For Clients that need to be reminded every 30)
Manual Reminders (For clients or invoices that I don’t want to send automated reminders to)

From the Invoice Actions drop down menu,
we should be able to “Send a Reminder/Past Due Email”, which offers the opportunity to select from the Automated Open Invoice Template List, that we can choose to send manually, but still be generated, and captured within the system.

The ability to manually group multiple invoices under a client and send “Account Status” emails, that attach multiple PDFs to a single email and say, “These invoices are all past due:”
Again, these emails would be captures under the Email contact log for each of the invoices attached and included in the account status email.

The invoice aging report should have the option to show the calculated exact number of days, not just “90+” or “30-60”, so someone can look at the report and know if they have “N Days Late” reminder emails set, to know when and reminders will trigger tomorrow, for example.

Re-iterating the need to have invoice emails come from a secondary billing/invoicing team email, separate from the primary “support” email.

What do you think?
Do you use the automated Open Invoice Reminder feature?
Would these be valuable upgrades to you?

Thanks for your attention.


Yes the billing/account management style features are Definetly lacking. As well as the separation.