Online vs. Offline Agents

Is there a way to show a HUD to see online Agents vs. Offline? This would be nice for our NOC to see what is online and what is offline. Would have to be pretty “live” alerts to work properly. I understand that Syncro shows a green dot when online, but viewing 1000’s of Agents in a scrollable browser will not work. Looking for something like Pinagble for WANs. Any suggestions if Syncro won’t do this? Third part integrators?

Hi Ncalvert! There isn’t a Dashboard of statuses that would be helpful for a NOC, but I really like that idea.

From the policy, you can monitor for offline statuses. It will generate an alert of an asset goes offline for a specified amount of time.

Then you could use an Automated Remediation to send a message to Slack, send an SMS/Email, run a script, etc if you need more visibity.

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This is how we do it. We also have it automatically create a ticket.

Thank you for your response. That would be helpful if that monitor was dependable. In the past we have used it and found that it would send alerts or blow up our slack channels if “all” went offline at once. (Usually a Syncro issue). Has this been resolved or still an issue recently?


If they go offline within the time you specify they will generate an alert. It does this by asset so it is possible to have your channels get spammed if the whole network goes down.

There have been a few cases where the offline alert was false (though this can also alert if it’s just the agent that is not running.) Development has put in work on this and it’s much more reliable, especially as of late. I believe we still get a few cases here and there but it’s far less frequent. The aim is still to fix that completely.

Sounds great. We will try again. Thank you for your help and advice. Have a great weekend. You may close the ticket.


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