OID Recipe

It would be cool we could select a custom Monitor Recipe from different assets.

For example, I have script that adds in assets that it finds on someone’s network. After that, I have to go down that list and take things in and out for the different types of assets. It would a lot nice if we could just go to the newly added asset and either:

  1. Convert the asset over to a different asset type if possible
  2. Even better is if we could just add the OID Recipe template to that assets instead.

Right now, the OID Recipe template must be apply to a custom Asset Type a head of time. My idea is just make it available to any assets that wishes to use the OID Recipe instead with the exception of the Syncro Asset Type of course.

Syncro Other Asset → SNMP Details → OID Monitor Recipe → Select Any OID Recipe

Low priority - just wanted to add it to the ever growing Travis’ request:)