Offline Alerts

I know this has been talked about a 100 times but this morning I am lacking the ability to get this to work!
I need to know when certain devices go offline. I have ping alerts setup but I do not get an alert or anything. I tried to set up an auto remediation and no go there!
I am doing a ping to my own webserver from the client in the system check. This used to work just fine but now I get no notices when the asset goes offline.
Type = Ping
Name =Offline
Remote Host = my webserver, but it is not working with and I have verified that it works from CMD
Check Every = 20 Minutes
Notification After = 2 Seconds
Re-Arm After 5000 Seconds
What am I missing today?

Hi Nate, we have a Jira going for this. If you haven’t sent in a ticket yet, we can get you linked up to it.

Is this still unresolved? I see an offline alert option under monitoring however it doesn’t alert me when the device is offline.

Hi Terry, that bug is still active I believe. If you want to send in a ticket to with a link to the asset and a timestamp when you knew it was offline we can take a look.

The big part of this is I would like to be able to send an email to the client when this device goes offline. I’m testing the alert by stopping the services on the device and looking at it now I see a lot of alerts from when I was testing it last Wednesday that didn’t show up on Wednesday. Just for testing purposes I have the policy setup to Alert if it’s offline for two minutes and to re-arm after 5. It seems to have worked when I tested it just now, at least it’s showing the alert on the site. Now the question is how do I make it email the client when that happens?

Customer: Prairie Home Hospice, Inc

Asset: Server01

Asset Link:


To have it email the client you’d set up an Automated Remediation based on the alert. Automated Remediation

Note that if you have it re-arming at 5, as long as the asset is still offline it will continue generating alerts every 5 minutes.

Yes, the 5 minutes was just for testing, thanks!


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