Offline Agent report

I really need a report that I can configure to run on a weekly basis that allows me to see all agents that have been offline for a period of time. We have agent’s that haven’t checked in for months and I need to be able to scrub those for many reasons. Mainly asset counters that we use for billing purposes.

I don’t know about a report, but I use a policy with offline for x period of time for this so I get alerts if device has been offline for say 30 days and can remove it from billing or entirely. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I wasn’t confident in setting the offline monitor to 129600 minutes for a 90 day alert. Is it working well for you? I’ve got it set now as a test and no alerts yet. I thought I might see some since there are assets that have been offline for more than 90 days at the moment.

Yes I regularly get triggers for devices I have set for a 30 day alert.

Yes the offline alerts work with large minutes, I use 60 days. Also you can add the Last Sync column to the asset list and sort by that or create a saved asset search and add a property condition for Last Sync lest than . Saved asset searches can also be used in the asset report, so you can get a report that way.