October's CyberDrain Scripts Are Here!

We’ve just released a new set of CyberDrain scripts for the month of October, and they’re live now in our Community Scripting Library! This month’s scripts include:

1.) Windows 11 Compatibility Check

2.) Block Windows 11 Upgrade

3.) Monitor Print Queues

They’ve also sent over a bonus script this month:

4.) Monitoring Interactive System Execution


I posted this in the Facebook forum so I apologize for those that have already read this crosspost- will slowly work my way into this new forum:

First of all- having Cyberdrain provide scripts is AWESOME. Anytime we have tried to figure something out, Cyberdrain has already produced a script. Slight request, if at all possible, maybe the descriptions can be a bit more descriptive? For example, with the Windows 11 Block upgrade script, it’s a bit unclear of why there is a dropdown list (at least to me). 21H1 and 21H2 - I was under the impression that 21H2 was actually Windows 11? So clicking that would seem to allow 11? In this case the description would be much longer than the actual script but due to the power of scripting I would much rather err on the side of too much rather than too little info.
I’ve been using Syncro for a bit but even the Windows 11 Compatibility Check would benefit users with a bit more description. Ie - make sure you create an asset field to write to / it will write the phrase capable/not cable/unknown/etc. Maybe that is outside the scope of the description, but again the more the better.
Constructive advice hopefully - LOVE the fact that these are getting imported into the system.

Windows 10 21H2 and Windows 11 21H2, good job MS on being confusing. Perhaps being on Windows 10 and setting 21H2 in the registry, it knows it’s for Windows 10 and not 11, but unsure of this.

I agree about making the descriptions more descriptive and have asked this in a previous post on FB. Syncro, please expand on these so we know exactly what each option does. What good is it if we have to guess?

Cross posting this from our FB group:

Just adding a note here, and just talking in general not specifically to anyone. The community scripts are from the community, or in this case from CyberDrain, not from Syncro. They aren’t validated for functionality per se, they are validated against security risks. Our support or dev team does not spend time on grooming submitted scripts, or providing detailed explanations of their functionality.

That said, in the future we will likely improve the functionality behind the library quite a bit, so if someone imports a script that is or has become janky for some reason, you’ll be able to clearly see how many accounts currently have the script imported, and we’ll rank scripts in this fashion. If a user removes it from their instance, then the script would get a decremented usage count, meaning if one script supersedes another because of better functionality or it just works more consistently, you’ll see it organically rise and the other fall.

I don’t have an ETA for that by any means, but it’s something we’ve talked about a lot.

Or - rather it may be useful to give a place where you could describe the parameters/variables?
Right now you would have to add that to the Description of the whole script, or maybe explain in some comments

where do we make suggestions for the months cyberdrain scripts ?

We announce those times and hold an event each month. The next event should hopefully be sometimes within the next week.