Has anyone else been feeling an issue with the lack of notifications Syncro gives?

For example, if I try and chat with a client; yes, a chat window pops up on their screen at the lower right corner, but I really wish there was a noise notification for each chat message, especially for technicians. I am in other tabs while waiting for my client to respond.

Also, notifications for new tickets would be a great feature as well. The Syncro Android app needs…a lot of love, but it does notify of ticket changes. Of course, the app does not work well, but that’s for a different post. But if the technician has initiated a chat, subsequent messages do not show a notification.

Long story short, I’m finding myself moving on to other less important projects because of a lack of notifications without inundating my email inbox.

Can you elaborate a bit here for me please? It sounds like you are referring to notifications on your mobile device. You should be able to get these for chat just like you can with new tickets. You’d want to look at the “Chat” notifications in the Notification Center and use the “Push” option for any that apply.

The only way I could see those don’t fire would be if you have the chat window open on your desktop and you’re away from your desktop. That won’t fire unread notifications because it’s assumed if it’s open it’s being read. So basically if your techs open a chat and leave the chat window open on the desktop, this won’t trip notifications. If you send a message and close the chat window on the desktop, that should trip a notification (if you have push setup on the specific notification you want).

I think everyone wants better notifications on chat replies. There are a number of open requests for this. Probably one of the most important but simple to do ones in my opinion.


So it sounds like leaving the Chat window open and in the foreground is the only way unless you close the Chat window which is a pain.

My request would be something similar to modern chats where if you leave the tab/app, that’s what will trigger a notification or noise that a new message has arrived.

In addition, no noise is provided for the client. I’ve had TONS of clients not notice the small chat notification on their screen, and not audio notification as well for them.

Actually, just the opposite. Leaving the chat window open is what will cause your notifications not to push to your mobile device. It also suppresses the notification sound because you are in an active chat.

So if you have the chat window closed, but your Syncro instance is open, you will receive a “pop” sound audibly and the chat icon in your header will be badged in the web app. If you have the notifications setup in the Notification Center, you’ll also receive push notifications as well.