Notifications that Our Annual Syncro Invoice Renewal is Coming Up

I was a bit surprised to get a paid invoice receipt for our annual Syncro renewal a couple of days ago. It reminded me that Syncro needs to send us, its customers, some sort of “Upcoming Renewal Charges” notification via email. This would help with alleviating any surprises in the area or credit card charges and would also give us a reminder to make any last minute changes in Syncro user counts, etc. before we get charged for the next year.


Just confirming here that we did an audit of our billing platform and have confirmed that an email is sent 7 days prior to renewal to let customers know of upcoming charges.
Thank you!

Hi Tony,

Does that message come from domain? We did not receive any kind of upcoming billing notification last year from

I’m with you - we got an upcoming billing email, but it was only for the BD licenses and client remote connect licenses like we get every month. Didn’t say a darn thing about the annual Syncro fee - then I get a notification the other day from our CC that we had a massive charge come through. A heads up would have been appreciated. At least a banner in the dashboard alerting that the renewal is coming up, something.

I just renewed and I don’t remember seeing an email about renewal however I did get it lumped in with my monthly billing report which I wouldn’t consider the same thing. I would also like to see the renewal on a different invoice so that I can categorize it better in my books.

It would be great to get more than 1 notification 7 days before it renews. It would also be great to have a toggle to disable the auto renewal, unfortunately in the environment I work we need a PO for purchases and when using a credit card, we cant have it auto renew until we submit an invoice for approval.

Noticed the same thing, no heads up that the renewal was coming. Please add this.