Not receiving Agent Offline Alerts

We had a site go down (lost internet) but did not get any notification that the agents are offline for the servers we monitor there. We had egg on our face when the client called us to report an issue.

Hi @Aorus1701

I apologize for the missed offline alert.

Our development team has made some changes to improve the reliability of offline alerts and is still looking for additional reports of missed offline alerts so they can continue to work on the issue. Could you select the ‘Submit Support Ticket’ link at the top of this page and include a link to the asset and the approximate time it went offline without generating an alert.

We appreciate your help.

I just had a server offline for an hour, no alert. I submitted a support request but this is pretty critical to not have offline alerts functioning properly.

Piggy backing on this … We have an automated remediation setup to alert us when an agent goes offline yet it is not happening. Just want to make sure I have this setup correctly, or just want Syncro to be aware that this is a widespread issue. Thanks!

Going to add my reply to this again since I did chat with Syncro support. It would appear in my case, it was simply a web UI glitch (possible issue I am going to keep an eye out for). The server I initially thought offline, was not actually offline for long enough to trigger the offline alert.

It went offline for a reboot, and was up in less than 10 minutes. The Syncro logs actually showed this as well as they recorded the offline than online times, and it was under 10 minutes. The odd part was the web UI simply didn’t show the device as online.