None of my macOS agents are running schedule scripts. How about yours?

All my macOS agents that are reporting “Online” are not running scheduled scripts and reporting each scheduled run as “Offline”.

Is this just me?

Hi Peet, is this for sure only on Mac systems? What’s one asset you saw a script didn’t successfully run on?

Sent DM.
Support ticket: #95271

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Thanks! We’ll grab that one momentairly.

I only received a “we’re looking at it” response. The issue seems to have been resolved, but there’s no post mortem. Was it simply a matter of waiting for the newest release? If so, not a good solution.

Hi Peet, your ticket still has an open case with development. The issue may be intermittent or it was fixed along with a previous release. If there are more details the team can provide you when the case is closed we will pass it along on your ticket.

Boy that’s a it’s been an exceedingly long, excruciatingly silent support experience. I have no idea if it was purposefully fixed. Accidentally fixed. If the developers know it seems to be working now or if it’s still in their queue to be addressed. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

If this wasn’t an issue with scripting just not running at all I wouldn’t be nearly as worried or frustrated. But scripting/the scripting engine is the core functionality of the RMM. If it cannot be trusted, then the RMM cannot be trusted.

Fingers crossed there’s some information forthcoming.

Very understandable, I know it can feel a bit like it has gone into the void when you have an issue submitted, then you usually don’t hear back until it’s fixed. We’re looking into ways we can better communicate the statuses to everyone- just know it’s something we do see and it’s not being overlooked.

It’s the part where it’s working now, but I had to discover that for myself. Support didn’t let me know. And to be honest, I have no idea if the people who need to know it’s working know that it is working. Or even know if was broken in the first place. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

My fingers are crossed that better processes can be devised and a full post mortem for this issue can be provided.

Occasionally a bug may get resolved when development fixes something else. I know they’ve been addressing script schedule issues so that is possible. Because your specific case hasn’t had the status updated to resolved, your ticket is still open. We still want to fully review it and make sure it’s not closed prematurely even if you’re no longer seeing the issue.

I can bring up the idea of an RCA process to the team as a suggestion for something we may want to do in the future.