Non-Portal User Group

I have customers setup that contain contacts. Non of the contacts are portal users. However when they click the online profile link in ticket emails it shows them owner level details.

Reading the documentation it should show them the permissions set within the Non-Portal User Group. However this is not the case.

How is the feature supposed to work? My impression of it was that if you had a customer with no portal users, and a ticket was sent to a contact they should be able to click the online profile link and see everything that has or hasnt been set within Non-Portal User Group.

The portal is unlocked for all users until there is 1 portal user, then the link is login protected. You are correct, the Non-Portal Users Group is what controls what they see. We ended up disabling everything except Customer Portal - Access, and when they click the link, they get a white page. Not elegant, but secured the portal from unwanted access. Basically all the options in there are “View All” because the link is global for the whole customer account, so there’s no way to distinguish who is viewing it without logging in.