No New scripts not running,

Trying to push out a script via Policy folder, but effective policy does not show my added script, (sounds like policy update did not take effect)
Running Scripts manually does not work either - No errors, just it does not got added to queue.

Status Page is all green.

Same experience here. Can’t run a previously run script - just doesn’t do anything. Same with adding manually the the queue. I can add it, but it doesn’t run or show in the queue.

Got reply from support

Our dev team is investigating our site slowness in Syncro and Repairshopr which would affect this.

The Syncro status page has been updated below;

When I have an update that this has been resolved, I will reach out to you with a status update.

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Thought I was going crazy clicking a script to run twice xD

SMTP also appears to be slow. we are using our own SMTP thru mailgun, but as soon as the email reaches mailgun it instantly sends, so the task is just slow queueing it appears

Hey everyone, there are currently some latency issues occurring. Our status site was updated several hours ago ( to reflect this and our engineers are working through the issue.