No keyboard in splashtop via rdp

I use an ipad to RDP to my desktop when in the field, i know I can log into syncro on the iPad direct and launch Splashtop sessions this way, but I prefer having full access to my desktop. I notice the keyboard input does not work in Splashtop sessions - anyone else see this ?

You are RDPing into your office machine and then using Splashtop from that machine to get into customer machines? Or am I misunderstanding the flow?

Sorry i did not reply to this Andy. I logged the issue with Splashtop and they confirmed they are able to recreate the issue. the flow is, I wok from a windows desktop, then when I am in the field I RDP back to that desktop from an iPad to have full access to my desktop how I left it with everything, however if you initiate a SOS session from the PC, keyboard input from the iPad > PC does not pass thru to the SOS session. this is the same on both Android and iPad Microsfot RDP. its an SOS issue. are syncro able to put any more pressure on Splashtop to address this, they confirmed the issue but don’t seam very motivated. SOS is the only program I have found so far that this happens in

I can raise it to them, but this is the first time I’ve heard of this so I am doubtful we can have any impact there being that it seems an issue on Splashtop’s end. Never hurts to try, though.

thanks, andy, the ticket I have open with them is #221080

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just to update this, splashtop just responded to my open ticket saying RMM version was just released and from first tests it looks like they fixed this issue. first time a company has fixed a bug i have found relatively fast. kudos

Hey this is awesome thanks for the update!