No Customer Email Settings Changed

We don’t presently use our support email address with the ticketing system.

Normally when creating a customer we select the “no email” of any kind of option

Customer mentioned today they’d received a “weird email”. It was from the syncro ticketing system.

Have been back through all the customer records and none of them have that option selected anymore.
Any ideas on how this could have happened?


It’s an option in the Bulk Actions > Edit dialog box. Maybe someone was applying some other setting and did so by accident.

I’ve used the bulk edit option to correct it

That’s not what happened here though. There isn’t anything else in those options that we would need to make a bulk edit on (we don’t use syncro for billing either)

We’re a small team. Have checked and no one has made any bulk changes recently.

Hi Andy, I don’t see any bulk actions by any user other than you in our logging so I think it’s safe to rule that out. Is it possible a user created a customer, then did not select 'No Email" or perhaps was this customer created from a Lead? It doesn’t give you the customer edit screen after converting the Lead, it just creates it. The user would have to go into the created customer and edit them to set the email options.

Hi Alexandra

It was ALL of the customers.
I only mention that specific customer as they pointed it out. I’ve no idea how long it’s been like that or who else it’s sent email to

Everybody was previously set to “No email at all”
Today I discovered that wasn’t the case (hence this post)

Looking at the logs, 16 were updated to ‘No Email’ and the rest already had the option checked. I’ll get a ticket started for you and we’ll dig into that further to see what happened with that set. I definitely want to take a look and confirm if there’s an issue.

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