Newer Apple Silicon Macs Not Registering Info Correctly

It looks like some of the more recent Apple Silicon Macs aren’t having their info picked up correctly, so alerts won’t be reporting as they should. This one is a MacBook Pro (14-inch,2021), one of the latest ones with the shorter serial numbers that has played havoc with a lot of systems. It’s showing 0GB RAM and no HDD data at all, and just shows the 18,3 Mac identifier instead of MacBook Pro.

I have an M1 MacBook Pro and don’t see the issue you are reporting. The serial number here is 10 characters, FYI. It’s certainly not perfect, as it reports I don’t have AV installed (Cylance is installed).

Yes I have several M1 Macs that are running fine, this is not a blanket issue. It’s affecting some but I don’t see a pattern as it’s also happening with some Macs that have the old-style serials.

Can you please send in the asset details (including a link to the specific asset in question) as a support ticket? I want to have someone look into this.

Ticket 98669, thanks Andy

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This happened to a non-M1 iMac that I added yesterday. I did a forced sync and it did appear maybe this will help

Status of this issue? I am trying to finalize a deal to bring on an investment firm with a mixed portfolio for their tech. The client is concerned because he’s had or heard of issues in the past relating to remote management of Apple computers and I’m researching current RMM/MSP issues as relating to the Apple platform.