New to SNMP

I am new to SNMP. Is there any recommended resources that can help me get started?
What are the best sites to find recipes? I have found a few spread out sporadically.

Some of the brands and type of devices I am currently most interested in are:
HP and Brother printers
APC and CyberPower UPS’
Vivotek managed PoE Switches
Tripp Lite routers and non PoE managed switches
Netgear routers,
Geovision and Hikvision IP security cameras (if they support SNMP)
HP and Dell desktop systems as well as custom built systems using Asus and Gigabyte system boards (if they support SNMP)

Check out this post.

I seen that before I made this post. I did add some of them to my account, however not everything I was looking for was there (which I didn’t expect everything would be). I was also hoping for some guidance on how to create my own.

I would recommend you go through all your clients and add every network connected device as a Manual Asset first. Select a customer, scroll down to Assets. Click New / Manual Asset.

We really need a way to export the OIDs in some text format (CSV/JSON/whatever) so they can be cataloged. The current one-way link only system does not lend itself to a good clean repository. But I am sure this will fall on deaf ears like most of the other feature requests.

Here is my current list of OIDs. Not all of them are perfect, but it’s a start:

I am wondering why there is no public OID library like there is a public script library.

Probably because all of the OIDs are created by us users. I have submitted several scripts to the library that were never added. I quit submitting and will put them on github as I have time.

Same here, I have submitted several really useful scripts and they were never reviewed or added. I now post them on my website as needed.

There is but it is dated.
If you want to read MIB files and test it you can use the MIB Browser: Free MIB Browser / MIB Browser / SNMP Browser.