New Ticket Notifications (Filtered)

Has anyone come up with a way to send multiple contacts (our technicians, in this case) an email stating that a new ticket has been generated by a specific “client” (in this case, it’s our VoIP system delivering a transcribed voicemail).

I know with actual clients, I can automate which technician is assigned first for that specific client and they’ll be notified. In this case, I need to filter on the VoIP system “client” account that was created OR the email address of “voicemail@…”. I don’t need these to go to one specific technician, however, because voicemails may come in from any number of clients. I’d like to have it generate a notification email to all technicians that I list, as we all try to keep tabs on the “New” tickets that come in but often will be distracted by the present work at hand. We used to have a Service Manager role whose duty was partially responsible for doing this manually, but I’d like to automate it if possible.

Any thoughts, tricks, or suggestions?


+1 for this -

I was also trying to figure out how I may have alert tickets that get generated via email also post to Teams on some kind of contextual basis. Maybe Priority 1 requests, Priority 1 alerts, etc.

Presumably whatever function ends up solving your issue will likely resolve mine as well…