New ticket no notice

I’m randomly not getting any emails that let me know a new ticket was created or one was updated. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. What needs to be done to fix it? I had a customer submit a ticket 7 hours ago and I never received any notice they submitted a ticket. That can’t happen again.

Are your notifications set properly in the notification settings?

email notifications are valuable, but I wouldn’t count on them as a “it can’t happen again” type notification. There are too many things that can stop email, be it spam filter, internet outages, a sending server wrongfully being put on a blacklist. Emails are at best, best effort.

Like Mike said doublecheck your notification settings, since your getting them some of the time I’d go ahead and guess that your settings are right and either Syncro’s queuing system broke or has a long delay, OR the email just broke/ got caught up in a spam filter. You’d have to try to check mail flow to see if you can find out where the messages dropped. We use an M365 mailbox for sending mail so I can start there to see if Syncro ever even connected to send the outbound mail.

The same issue is happening to me a lot. Checked notifications etc… all are intact. Also readded Teams webhook URLs in case, but all was good. Using M365 emails, other emails are working good, with nothing going into spam.

Every now and then I get a surprise ticket sitting for hours latest was 15 hours luckily it wasn’t urgent.

I ended up turning on ticket notifications for more stuff in case the original email doesn’t come through for some reason.

Ticket - Automation was triggered
Ticket - Billing Status was changed
Ticket - Someone replied to any Ticket
Ticket - Someone replied to my Ticket
Ticket - Status was changed
Ticket - created (for anyone)
Ticket - created from email

Thank you, Jackie, I will keep an eye on the notification.