New Resolved Ticket Status?

We’re looking to add a new ticket status like “Closed”, that basically emails the contact something along the lines of “We either couldn’t get a hold of you, or did our part, so we’re closing this ticket” (this is largely in jest, but you get the idea). Creating the ticket status seems easy enough, but is there a way to mirror the actions of “Resolved” such that it fires an email template? I don’t see an option to add a new email template, and I’m not sure where I would control what statuses send what templates.

Any help is much appreciated.


Anything that starts with “Resolved” is a closed status. So like “Resolved - No Response” closes the ticket. What you are looking for is Ticket Automations. Here’s an example of one of ours. When you set it to add a public comment, it uses your comment ticket template, so no need to reinvent the wheel. This public comment gets emailed just like your other comments to the client and the whole thread gets emailed. Only thing to remember is that anytime you have a TA run on a ticket and it makes a change, it is an “update”, so adjust your Not updated in hours accordingly.

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If you turned on Enable Ticket Resolved Emails, you can’t do anything about it differentiating between how the ticket was resolved, so I don’t use those. It needs more options to be viable IMO.

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Sorry for the delayed response, been waiting on a few things before I really address this. When do these run? The conditions indicate it should almost run instantly, but I’m wondering if it’s more something that happens in intervals throughout the day?
I’m looking at TA right now via the help article sounds like it’s every couple hours.

For reference if anyone pops in:
Ticket Automations - Knowledge Base / Tickets - Syncro Support Community (

Also, I believe I adjusted that somewhere. Our public comments although visible in emails, don’t prompt an email. This made the most sense for me.

TAs run once an hour, if the system is working as intended.

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This automation never ran. I left it overnight. What are your thoughts here?

I don’t believe TAs run on resolved tickets. I believe I saw someone say that. @Andy

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That’s worth knowing. If that’s the case (it makes sense), I can have a status prior to resolved that sends the update then moves the ticket to resolved.

That’s correct.

@ssapp I think I get what you’re after. What I’ve seen a lot of folks do is something like this. Create three custom statuses… something like “Reminder 1,” “Reminder 2,” and “Reminder 3.”

Then make three Ticket Automations that are like:

  1. If the ticket hasn’t been updated in 24 hours and it’s currently in the Waiting on Customer status, send the customer a reminder email that they haven’t responded to their ticket in 24 hours and set the status to Reminder 1.
  2. If the ticket hasn’t been updated in 24 hours and it’s currently in the Resolved 1 status, send the customer a reminder email that they haven’t responded to their ticket in 48 hours and set the status to Reminder 2.
  3. If the ticket hasn’t been updated in 24 hours and it’s currently in the Resolved 2 status, send the customer an email letting them know you’ve closed the ticket after 72 hours with no response. Then set the ticket status to Resolved.

This is basically a 72-hour resolved flow for non-responsive open tickets, but you should be able to adjust the flow into whatever you’re looking to do specifically. Let me know if this doesn’t get you toward what you are looking to do.

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For me it’s more about trying to capture reviews when a ticket is resolved. I was going to use the default “Resolved” status for that, but we don’t want this to fire every time. For right now what I’ve done is created a “Completed” status that fires the review and moves the ticket to “resolved” (with the default resolved responder disabled).

Now I have another question though as this is going a little deeper into the finer details.
If every “Resolved - whatever” status is a “Resolved” status, will they all fire the default “Resolved” email if that function is enabled? I ask more because if not, I will want to go that route as I can use HTML in the responder template, vs the TA. E.g. have the default “Resolved” responder send a request for review, and have another “Resolved - No Update” status for everything else.


  • Sam

Got it. So in this case I would make a status like “Complete - Send CSAT” and then that automation sends whatever email you want for your survey portion, and then sets the ticket status to the standard “Resolved.” That way you can selectively send out your CSAT stuff on a case-by-case basis.

I think anything with “Resolved” in the status would fire the ticket resolved status, yep.

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Alright well that’s a wrap gentleman! Thank you for your help on this one. I feel empowered the knock this out of the park, and bring home the bacon. :grin:

Bacon tastes so good :).

Happy to help. Let me know if you get stuck on this at all once you start kicking it off.

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