New Resolved Ticket Status?

We’re looking to add a new ticket status like “Closed”, that basically emails the contact something along the lines of “We either couldn’t get a hold of you, or did our part, so we’re closing this ticket” (this is largely in jest, but you get the idea). Creating the ticket status seems easy enough, but is there a way to mirror the actions of “Resolved” such that it fires an email template? I don’t see an option to add a new email template, and I’m not sure where I would control what statuses send what templates.

Any help is much appreciated.


Anything that starts with “Resolved” is a closed status. So like “Resolved - No Response” closes the ticket. What you are looking for is Ticket Automations. Here’s an example of one of ours. When you set it to add a public comment, it uses your comment ticket template, so no need to reinvent the wheel. This public comment gets emailed just like your other comments to the client and the whole thread gets emailed. Only thing to remember is that anytime you have a TA run on a ticket and it makes a change, it is an “update”, so adjust your Not updated in hours accordingly.

If you turned on Enable Ticket Resolved Emails, you can’t do anything about it differentiating between how the ticket was resolved, so I don’t use those. It needs more options to be viable IMO.