New Policies & Products

So I was something of a fan of the new policies although I’ve yet to reorganize them in a way that matches with the new philosophy. BUT…did that break the Products link? I’m specifically looking at shifting to Syncro invoicing from Quickbooks to try to integrate asset line items with invoices and then ACH charges.
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It didn’t break it, you just have to use one of the new counter types on your recurring invoices.

Awesome! Although I might be confused, I just created a test policy to make sure the Products & Services still functioned as referenced here:
Products & Services (Inventory) - Start Here – SyncroMSP

And it hasn’t populated yet in Products & Services, so I’m just making sure before I endeavor down this rabbit hole of my own making. :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to build out the folder structure first under the client, then you can charge for those policy types in the recurring invoice. Desktops get one price, servers get another. When the invoice runs, it will count all the assets in that folder and give you an accurate line item. Just make sure the assets are in the correct folder before the invoice runs.

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I don’t bill on recurring like this, but billing by policy no longer exist. You can bill by policy folder (shows up as a line item on the template) or you can bill by asset counter and use saved asset searches to fine tune your billing. Should be some updated videos on their YT page dealing with Policy Inheritance.

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Haha no problem. As others have mentioned you don’t need to bill by policy anymore. That was legacy functionality. Now you can bill by policy folder, and that dynamically counts each asset by however you have them sorted. You can have multiple line items per recurring invoice, so you can bill different prices for different asset types if need be.

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