New Partnership With Acronis

Hey everyone,

So as many of you are aware, we announced a new partnership coming with Acronis in our most recent newsletter. I wanted to provide some additional details, as well as talk about a pricing promotion we’ll be offering as well.

First, let’s talk about what products we’ll be offering. Initially, we’ll be offering:

  • Cloud/Local Backups (both image and file-based)
  • Microsoft 365 Backups (email, OneDrive)
  • Google Workspace Backups (email, Google Drive)

Acronis offers two different pricing models, and we’ll be offering each to allow our partners to choose what works best for them. The first is called the “Per Workload” model. This is where you pay for an applicable per-device license, and then you’ll pay a small fee for cloud storage, and no fee for local storage. That pricing will look like this:

  • Workstation License - $3.00
  • Server License - $23.00
  • Local Backup (per GB) - Free
  • Cloud Backup (per GB) - .033
  • Microsoft 365 Seat - $2.00
  • Google Workspace Seat $1.30

The second is called the “Per GB” model, which has no license fees for the above items. Instead, you simply pay a per GB price for anything you backup. That pricing will be as follows:

  • Cloud (per GB) - .10
  • Local (per GB) - .05

Regardless of the model you choose, there will be no minimums or terms you need to commit to in order to obtain this pricing.

We’ll be offering a pricing promotion for anyone who spins up at least 5 Acronis agents between now and November 30th, 2022, under a “production” (non-trial) instance. You’ll qualify for a flat 10% discount off all of the items discussed above. That discount will remain in effect through the end of 2023. Note that the qualification period for the promotion is until November 30th, 2022, but once qualified anything you purchase after that date will still qualify for the 10% discount through the end of 2023.

While we don’t have an exact date for launch, but I can say it’s coming very, very soon. We have started a promotion waitlist you can sign up for here:

Our sales folk will be reaching out in a first come first serve basis to get these promotions processed between now and the official launch day.

Lastly, to start this will be a sell-through partnership only. As we move forward, we will be looking to add functionality like alerting, integrated billing, etc. We will also be launching with a few Syncro-provided scripts in our community library for deploying Acronis silently, as well as some monitoring scripts as well.

The initial waitlist will be for US-based customers only, with other countries to follow down the road.

Please let me know if you all have any questions and I’ll be happy to address them here.


Will existing Acronis partners be able to move their account under Syncro?
Also, Acronis has a different price point for virtual servers vs physical, will that be the case here?

Is the office 365 back up a desktop product or does it run from the cloud?

M365 backup is from the cloud. We run this now.

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Yes! Yes! Yes! This is exciting! :grinning::grinning:

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Glad to see you’re offering both options, we do per workload because the cheaper per GB. I will consider switching, but one thing I have to factor in is support options. Currently, we contact Pax8 who has to contact Acronis for any issue. Most of the time, I don’t have to deal with Acronis, but when I have had to, their support was in Russia, hard to understand. Somehow, I also got an Acronis rep, even though Pax8 said that shouldn’t be the case, who also has a thick accent and I wasn’t able to communicate with her well. She’s quite annoying and always bugs me, trying to upsell stuff, lol.

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Yep, Brian is correct it’s run from the cloud.

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Syncro will be handling T1 support, so it will be a similar scenario.

Yes, there will be a migration flow, but it depends on if you are currently under contract with Acronis. I believe they require a 12-month commit up front, so that would have had to have expired for us to be able to migrate you.

Is this local to the Syncro Partner or local to the client of the Syncro Partner?

Local means backing up to external drives directly connected to a machine, a file server, or a network attached storage at the site you have the Acronis agent installed.

Does this apply to the Microsoft 365 seat license?

If you use the Per Workload model I believe that includes storage as part of the $2.00 per seat cost. If you do the per GB model, then you pay nothing per seat and you just pay for usage at a rate of .10 Per GB (the per GB pricing for storage).

is that unlimited (in terms of retention time and storage) ?

Far too expensive compared to hosting the backups ourselves.

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I believe storage should be, I’d have to get back to you on the retention piece.

We offer two models to accommodate any situation. You don’t pay for any licenses under the per GB model, so if you want to backup a workstation to the cloud that has like 10GB of data you care about, that just costs $1.00. If you have a ton of storage the Workload model exists which is $3 an endpoint, and .033 per GB.

And just to be clear here, it’s free AFTER paying the $3 for the asset.

Here is what my 365 backup looks like – you can choose your retention policies and you pay per GB (3.3 cents) on top of the $2 per seat. This is certainly not the cheapest option out there.

At the moment we use VBO for Office 365 backups.
I just checked our last invoice and our per user cost is currently 2 AUD inc GST.
We have set the schedule to every 2 hours, but could be every hour though. Retention…we have set to 10 years.
For me, the Acronis per user cost would have to come down from 2 USD ex GST.

Don’t forget to add the 3.3 cents per GB for the stored data on top.

Are there plans to integrate other Acronis offerings as well? We currently use their mail filtering, DR and AV solutions as well.

And will this be instead of existing Acronis partners using their own partner accounts, or will we be able to connect our existing partner accounts up to Acronis and (when it’s implemented) still be able to automate billing etc? I ask, because we get much cheaper pricing on our existing partnership with Acronis, and have a very good relationship with their whole team, and we don’t want to give that up.