New Header feature request

Not sure if this has already been mentioned or not. I like the new UI change with the header, but I can’t understand why the “Extra Tab” that gets created when you click a link that is not usually on your header does not become a Hyperlink that takes you back to the top of that tab.

For instance, I am working in Reports:

Why isn’t the word “Reports” a link that takes me back to Reports? As it is now, I am in a report, and to get back to the top level, I have to click the More button and choose reports again.

So what value does having the word Reports there even add? It’s still just as many clicks as it used to be to get back to the top level.

We should have a full bread crumb feature throughout the UI anyways, but at least make that a link so I can get back to the top easily

I just reported that to the UI team yesterday. It bugs me too. Will get it updated to work as expected. Admin Settings is particularly painful there for me personally.

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