"New" Dropdown Menu Weird Highlighting

Is this seemingly random highlighting in the “New” dropdown menu on a Customer Portal intentional or a bug? I’ve noticed it for a couple weeks now, I think, and I don’t understand why its occurring? It has led to accidentally creating a new invoice instead of a new ticket as my eyes get drawn to the highlighted option instead of the option I’m intending to click. If it is intentional, is there a way to change it or turn it off so that it is not so distracting?


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Thanks for posting this Kat. That is definitely a bug. It looks like the highlighting for those two options in the pre-render aren’t behaving the way they should like the other options that highlight on hover. I can definitely see how this could lead to some accidental creations. I am bringing this to the team to get it addressed.


FYI, looks like this is only a problem in Dark Mode.

I’m seeing the same Isaac. Good call.

Hi Kat, I wanted to give you an update here. The fix for this just cleared QA and will be getting deployed over the coming days. I will update again when that’s completed.

Happy Friday Kat! The team has deployed a fix for this bug. Sorry again for the impact it had on you. Have a great weekend.


Oh wow thank you! That was so fast. I can confirm that the drop down menu is looking correct now.