New Domotz/Syncro 2.0 integration -- pretty cool

I just configured the new Domotz integration that does Asset syncing to/from Domotz>Syncro. You definitely need the user guide, it’s not intuitive:

You’ll also need to add a new type of asset:

I was able to get network devices (non-PCs) to sync into Syncro:
Screenshot 2022-04-14 140028

I’m still learning what the benefits might be, but it’s interesting.

Note: the asset in Domotz must be marked as “important” for it to show as an available asset to sync and you must manually add the asset in the Domotz sync the first time to allow it to sync.

How did you or Domotz get that Toshiba printer to change its icon to a printer? Unless there’s magic in the API sync that does that.

It was all magic. I just did the config and Domotz pushed it in that way.

Hey Brian I just wanted to say thanks for adding this. I’ve been a bit overloaded and just saw this now. I am glad you were able to get this going. It really is a powerful integration. Please keep me posted as you learn how to benefit more from it. I always like hearing about your progress.

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