New client created upon ticket receipt

I just started with Syncro today. We have an email address ( to which clients send support requests to. On the previous ticketing system that we were using, if the client domain ( was already configured in the system, anyone from that company that sends a support request, it will add that user and ticket to that particular client. In Syncro, it creates a new client every time a new person from that company opens a support request. Some clients have 40, 50, 80 employees.
Is anyone to fix that issue when a ticket is received?
Any inputs are appreciated.


It’s in the details of the client. Go the customer object, and click Edit near the top right area.

Once in settings there is a place to input the clients domain name. Once you do that it will create a new contact for that client rather than a new customer every time.


Thank you very much. Trying that now and will let you know.